ESP8266 PacketMonitor mod to Adafruit library

Yay, another nice port to have..
Adafruit lib is better for number of least for me 😁
– notes: check esp8266 i2c speed setting in your version of the Adafruit library

if there is no setting in your version, like in my old ones, insert these lines into Adafruit_SSD1306.cpp file, into the fuction which does display init ->
void Adafruit_SSD1306::display(void), pick some line above the „// I2C“ comment, or if u dont know..just leave it or google it..
#ifdef ESP8266 // set speed for ESP devices

STM32 port of IRremote Arduino Library

I am using IRremote Arduino library for some time and have found that it did not compile  on STM32F103 board because of different timers. I was looking for some port for STM32F1xx and found only one guy who tried to port it, but it was not working for him..
..tried to fix his code with no success.. i forked IRremote Arduino library repo and ported it myself 😎

..fork ->

..port thread here ->

enjoy! 🕶