Arduino SPI RAM i sometimes do run out of memory on my arduino projects i did search for some other options than reducing amounts of data used..

For example in my recent project with display a display buffer does eat 1024 bytes of 2048 bytes total so there is not much SRAM to work with for the rest of the sketch..

23LCV512-I/P 64kx8bit SRAM  20MHz SPI
IP12B256I-TU 32kx8bit SRAM  20MHz SPI
IP12B512C-TU 64kx8bit SRAM  20MHz SPI

read/write operations with modified library
read/write simpler way directly from sktech, without library

update 29/3/2017: ICs ARRIVED!

Arduino OLED oscilloscope I

..i wanted small portable oscilloscope for many years..
..found some parts, made some code.. and.. voila 😀


  • based on Arduino, runs on all with 2kB SRAM or more
  • uses own modified Adafruit lib
  • own custom made menu with animations
  • can save values on SD
  • can send values over serial
  • serial monitor reacts to cls commands +can save output to SD
  • lots of options to set
  • tons of other batshit u will luv


  • single scope
  • dual scope
  • time collect
  • 1 to 8 channel bar meter
  • advanced serial monitor

* still under development, current version is 0.99-2
* complete package with libs for download will be here soon.


DELL Optiplex 755 PSU fix

Friend who has a shop called me that his computer used as cash register has a black screen.. a PSU in oldish office computer have failed and been replaced by proper unit 😀
Worse thing is that i’m not able to fix the original one..

update 2/2017: the duct-taped PSU is still on top of the machine..