Ion Chamber


Im interested in unusual things, so this one had to come as well :-P

Found tons of articles, noob videos and so on, so i picked one i like for testing..
Minor side note on sensitivity: IF THIS DETECTS SOMETHING(>10cm), RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!



Current state: waiting for better sources of radiation

LAN over non-twisted cable experiment part.1


I was quite sure that this wont work, but we have been forced to try.. Not that much.. :-P
Normally the LAN is got over FTP and UTP cables, aka the twisted ones.. Yeah, the twisted wires.. Or even twisted pairs of twisted wires.. Cat6e has 6 twists per inch..
But using old 12 x 1.5mm² AC mains cable with no twists which is 20 to 30 meters long, is under ground and dated to late 70′s or 80′s must fail..or..?


why this could work?
1st: i used only 10Mb/s mode
2nd: we were totally lucky

update 2/2017: i will be finishing this project soon!

New corporate system app

Last month i have been asked to code program to my work..
It took huge amounts of time.. but.. it was fun to hack Windoze :-D

what does it do:

  • after starting Win7 and login to username the desktop is not showed & our IS is started and held fullscreen
  • checks for our IS running, if its shutdown by user our app asks for pass or restarts it
  • hotkey to invoke our login / logout to system with timeout of 10min to login again
  • while user is logged in an unmovable & switchable window shows rest of time until next login window appears
  • checks for instances of web browsers (IE, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla) and asks for pass to our login or quits them
  • checks for instances of autoruns etc. and kills them so absolutely no way computer can be penetrated from local user
  • switching keyboard language via hotkey or automated because our IS needs EN keyset
  • is able to disable itself while certain user is logged in Win7 and enable again at logout
  • verbose logging to both local and remote files over network
  • ability to control TeamViewer QuickSupport executable and send its login over network  (dropped due to uncommon / unknown licensing until it gets clear)
  • overlay debugging window via hotkey

recent version source code has size of ~30kB

The story of ACER Extensa 5630Z notebook

Some time ago neighbor brought me to look on his granddaughter’s „broken“ ACER Extensa 5630Z notebook. When i saw BIOS and booting i told him its not broken, only Windows is.. So i took it to fix the Win Vista on that machine. The problem was black screen after system boot, with the mouse cursor in the center of screen. Thats all it did, only thing working and able to set a window is 5x shift, giving a typo helper we sure wont ever need, no ctrl+alt+del, no nothing. I tried to fix it with many ways i found on the net, nothing. Internal logs are clear except for some irrelevant things, explorer and so on was set fine in registry, i was desperate on that.. The point is i had to fix it in place because nor neighbor, nor i have Vista install DVD and both of us wont ever download it.. The System Restore doesnt work as i expected, ending with errors. There is no way to make the Windows work except for reinstall..yeah :-)


Oprava USB myši

pacient A4 Techno commentreadyutržená ploškas drátkemplošný spoj

✔ opravy a úpravy herních myší
✔ výměna tlačítek
✔ úpravy závaží
✔ auto klikače/makra s procesorem
✔ vypínač senzoru při zdvižení z podložky
+ co vás napadne